Combat Dry Skin: Face Masks

What feels great in the winter? Taking a long, hot shower and blasting the heat—both of which lead to dry, itchy skin. What fixes that? To start, a moisturizing face mask. Apply one of the formulas to clean damp skin, let it sink in, and then tissue off to help combat (or prevent) parched, irritated, and scaly skin. Some formulas require a quick rinse after removing, while others can be used overnight for deeper hydration. Follow with a moisturizer—your thirsty skin will thank you!

1. Philosophy Lasting Hope Instant Refreshing Moisture Mask ($25)
This creamy gel mask gives a hit of moisture, but is also packed full of antioxidants like vitamin A, C, and E—perfect for tired or lackluster skin. It feels cool and tingly and leaves your dry skin feeling smooth. Use twice a week for five to ten minutes.

2. Sephora Collection Instant Moisture Mask ($15)
This mask comes with a shaker and four individual packs of powder to create a gel-like concoction. It made my skin feel cool, and delivered a light hit of moisture. Each packet creates a lot of the formula, making it perfect to share with a friend (or only make half for yourself). Use on just-washed skin up to ten minutes, once a week.

3. Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask ($17)
The heaviest of all theses masks, this formula is packed with cocoa butter, glycerin, and emollients to lock moisture into very dry skin. After three minutes my skin felt hydrated; after ten it felt incredibly soft and smooth.

4. Eve Lom Moisture Mask ($90)
This formula is perfect for post-travel tired skin. It delivers a heavy hit of moisture and makes your skin feel plumped and smooth. Apply a thick layer for fifteen minutes, then tissue off (no need to rinse), or apply a thin layer overnight.

5. Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Mask ($45)
This mask is perfect for anyone that is diligent about anti-aging and wants a hit of hydration. It delivers moisture thanks to vitamin B and E, and anti-aging benefits from hyaluronic acid. Use twice a week to plump and soften the skin.

6. Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask ($72)
Active ingredients like Japanese green tea and algae extract make this mask hydrating, but not heavy, and great for combination skin. Twenty minutes restored moisture and smoothness. Like the Eve Lom mask, it can be used overnight for intense moisture.

7. Caudalie Moisturizing Cream Mask ($40)
Perfect for use right before an event or vacation, this creamy mask has a slick texture and delivered a heavy dose of moisture. Even days later, our skin felt smoother and more hydrated!

What is your favorite Face Mask?

– D-Anna

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