My Style: Belly Baring Tie-Front Tops

Daisy Duke may be known for the tie-front top, but the shirt actually has a long history. As seen on everyone from ‘50s screen sirens (Marilyn Monroe) to ‘90s supermodels (Claudia Schiffer, Guess ads), the top has become as iconic as the blue jean.

I have taken the Midriff and Tie-Front Top trend and combined them to get this sultry look!

Top: This pastel plaid blouse is by Hollister. There are many ways to tie a blouse but I decided to make it easy and just tied this shirt high in the front and let it hang lower in the back. I channeled this look  in  trendy summer hues to get a modern sexy preppy look!

BAD-2996-editPants: These crisp white stretch skinny jeans by Vanilla Star are perfect for warm summer nights. I love the fit and want a baby blue pastel pair next!


Have a Stylish day!



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38 comments on “My Style: Belly Baring Tie-Front Tops

  1. There aren’t words strong enough to express how amazing you look and how expressive you are on this beautiful pictures, which really pay justice to this stylish outfit ! XOXO

    • Thank you sweetheart. I love experimenting with styles and beauty to get different looks. It is amazing what a little hair change and eye makeup can do. Also clothing can totally change your look this time I went for sexy preppy! 😉 ❤

  2. Oooh lala girl – not everyone could wear that – lol! I am still making headway on getting rid of my belly.:) Pretty good headway though. It’s like I’m skinny all over with a little belly, haha! And everyone should have a pair of white skinnies (hmm..time for me to go shopping).

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