Last Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween’s in a couple days and you still don’t have a costume? Don’t worry, you can create your own with these inspiring ideas!

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Follow my Angelic lead. All you need is an all white ensemble and some wings from the closest costume shop. Voila, your an Angel sweetie!


Smear some black cream liner under your eyes and throw on a football jersey like model Toni Garrn. You’ll be comfy and cute in this costume.


Have a tiara and an over the top baby blue dress? Then you’ve got the makings to get dressed up as Cinderella just like Paris Hilton.


Candice Swanepoel proves all you need to be a sexy vampire is a bold red lip, a drop of fake blood and killer fangs.


Create your own Poison Ivy look like Kim Kardashian in a painted leaves face mask, green dress and red wig…bonus if you add leaves to the dress.


If you’ want some attention the Halloween, you’ll love this costume via the Blurred Lines video. All you need is some skimpy nude colored clothing and high self-esteem, as you will be wearing pretty much nothing else.


Grab your creativity, a Halloween makeup kit and take that flower crown you haven’t touched since summer to follow Hillary Duff’s lead with a trendy homage to the Day of the Dead.


Lauren Conrad looks supercalifragilistic. Channel your own sexy Mary Poppins with a flirty black skirt, button down, flowered hat and don’t forget your umbrella.


You probably have the makings of a ‘bad Sandy’ costume in your closet, just throw on a wig to cop Jessica Hart’s costume.

See more DIY costume ideas on my Post from last year: Style Your own Halloween Costume

Have a Hot Halloween!



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Style Your Own Halloween Costume!

Don’t have a Costume yet? Take a tip from these Celebs and Style your Own!

Maybe you don’t want to buy a costume you will only wear once or you want a costume that is One of a Kind. Instead of scouring the Halloween stores or trying to make one yourself follow these celebrities and take items you already have in your closet, add some accessories and Viola! You have yourself a smashing costume!

Make it as spooky or stylish as you like..

Fergie as Honey Boo Boo

What you need:  prom dress, ankle socks, sparkly shoes, teddy bear and a Tiara.

Some Suggestions:

1. Dress $115;  2. Shoes $90;

Amber Rose as Slash

What you need: Leather Jacket, Guns n Roses t-shirt, Black skinnies, boots, top hat, and round sunglasses. Bonus Points if you have a guitar!

Some Suggestions:

1. Guns N’ Roses Tour T-Shirt, $19.99 (on sale);  2. Sunglasses $115;  3. Top Hat, $74.99;

Doutzon Kroes as Catwoman

What you need: A black bodysuit or a black top and skinny pants, Black shoes or boots, A mask, Cat ears and tail.

Some Suggestions:

1. Cat Ears Headband $20;  2. Top $150;  3. Mask $5.99;

Petra Nemcova as Cleopatra

What you need: White or Gold dress, gold or white shoes, Naturally Black hair or a wig, gold jewelry and cat eye makeup.

Some suggestions:

1. Dress $233;  2.  Cleopatra Headpiece $15.99

Jessica Lowndes as a Referee

What you need: A striped dress or a striped shirt and black hot pants, knee high socks and a whistle.

Some Suggestions:

1. Dress $31.66 (on sale);  2. Knee high socks $6.99;  3. Top $50;

Selita Ebanks as the Devil

What you need: All in red..a corset, skinny pants or shorts, boots and horns.

Some Suggestions:

1. Corset $79;  2. Boots Diane von Furstenberg $550;

Nicky Hilton as Audrey Hepburn

Breakfast at Tiffany’s! What you need: A black dress, black heels, opera gloves, pearl necklace and cat eye sunglasses.

Some Suggestions:

1. Sunglasses $70;  2. Pearl Necklace $85;   3. Opera Gloves $395;

Miranda Kerr as a Ringmaster

What you need: A corset or body suit. Bottoms optional! Want to cover up? Try a skirt or hot pants. Fishnet Tights, and a top hat.

Some Suggestions:

1. Corset $351.80;  2. Hat $52.77;   3. Body Suit $85 (on sale);  4. Fishnet Tights $11;

Have a Fashionable Halloween!



Men’s Halloween Costumes Women think are Hot!

Guys often get overlooked in the shadows of Ladies show-stealing outfits, but we gotta hand it to them—they look damn fine in these handsome get-ups rounded up by the Girls at!  Move over, men in uniforms. We love a man in costume!

These are the Men’s Halloween Costumes that Women think are  the Hottest!


He doesn’t have to be a country boy to look good in a cowboy costume! The hat, the bandana, the low-slung, tight jeans—this look gets us fired up every time.


Aye aye, captain! There’s something about this rugged sailor look that makes us swoon like schoolgirls. Somehow guys manage to make those silly looking caps look sexy, especially when paired with a pair of aviators and that necktie.


This firefighter costume sets off our sirens like no other! Firefighters in general are sexy because they save people and look hella hot while doing it.


Ahh lumberjacks—they’ve got that whole rustic woods thing goin’ on that we women always find irresistibly charming. If they can pull off the suspenders and wool hat, they’re definitely doing something right.


Guys like the gangster costume because they can dress up without really dressing up and it gives them a reason to wear a vest (seriously, dudes love vests). We like it because it shows off their bulging biceps in tight white t-shirts!

James Bond

The suit and bow tie costume could be seen as the easy way out, but there’s nothing we love more than a dashingly handsome guy in a tux sipping a martini at the bar (shaken, not stirred—duh). Black and white take the cake when men decide to channel James Bond, one of our sexiest movie crushes.


Brad Pitt was the first one to turn this costume from snooze fest to studly and we love any guy who can pull it off with the same amount of fierceness and strength! Occasionally we all need a little protection, and who better to fight for us than the guy with the sword?


Any guy who can fill out a Batman costume like a boss is devastatingly hot in our book. We love the mysterious mask that leaves only his mouth and eyes visible. For some reason, this superhero’s appeal is undeniable and we just can’t deny our soft spot for the endearing good guy vs. villain dynamic.

Ladies: What Guys Halloween Costume is your Favorite?

Gentlemen: What will you be this Halloween?