My Style: Graphics & Skinny jeans






Shirt: IT Closet.

Jacket: Jacket by Guess  

Beanie: by Covington

Skinny Jeans: These skinny jeans are by Blue Asphalt 

Fingerless Gloves: from Forever 21

Boots:  Rockport

Have a stylish day!


– D-Anna

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30 comments on “My Style: Graphics & Skinny jeans

  1. Love your outfit! I need to check out wet seal. My cousin went shopping there the other day and was telling me about their killer clearance sale where she brought a $24.99 jacket and got the second one for a penny!

    • Thanks doll! I love Wet Seal and a frequent shopper at this store. They almost always have the clearance section in the back and everything on that rack is buy one get one for a penny…Fab! 🙂

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